Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dog Follows Athletes Through Mud And Water, And Melts Hearts

Read more in NPR. Thanks, Melody

How to Find a Job With Meditation and Mindfulness

Read more in the NYT.

The Road Not Taken: What If I Had Never Left Goldman Sachs?

In this series of posts, Influencers explain how their career paths might have changed. Jacki Zehner reflects on her alternative career path. Read more in LinkedIn.

Tory Burch schools Bank of America on small business

"Bank of America CMO Anne Finucane talks with Fortune about the financial giant’s new small loan partnership with the famed entrepreneur turned billionaire." Read more in Fortune.

Southwest Airlines Commercial // Wedding Season Dancer

When your co-worker tells you that a commercial reminded him of you... #mylifethesedays.

From Airbnb To Warby Parker: 7 Tips From Leading Design Entrepreneurs

Read more in FastCo.

Requiem For A Unicorn

An excerpt:
Marc Andreessen has said that there are 15 companies per year that generate 90% of the returns for VCs. Startups jockey for position in the “Billion Dollar Club.” In the world of startups we don’t have the S&P 500, we have the “Unicorn 50.”
Read more in TechCrunch. (Thanks, Katherine)

SFO's New #Converge Room is the Most San Francisco-y Thing Ever

Check out more in Jaunted.

Thanks, +Samantha Pearlman 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Venture Capitalist Struggle

"Psychology Of A VC And How To Take Advantage Of It."

Read more in Medium.

10 Countries With Better Maternity Leave Than the U.S.

Fact: The United States is the only developed country without paid maternity leave, an embarrassing and devastating reality that continues to impact American women’s wages, career trajectories, and quality of life. Read more on DailyWorth.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Career secrets from Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky

Once the youngest female CEO of a publicly-traded company, Lifeway Foods CEO Julie Smolyansky says she boosts productivity and avoids burnout by taking conference calls while walking or hiking. "Sitting is the new smoking," she says.

Read more in Fortune.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Man Found A Dying Baby Squirrel. When He Brought It Home, Something Awesome Happened.

Meet Biscuit. Read more in A+.

French Street Artist Creates Delightful Pictures In The Most Mundane Locations

See more of Oak Oak's work in Buzzfeed.

Thanks, Melody

Look How Uber's Investors Have Also Funded Some Of Its Biggest Critics

Read more in Forbes.

Li Hongbo: Statues in Motion

Classical sculptures that defy logic. Paper master Li Hongbo stretches your imagination with a twisted take on traditional sculpting. Mind. blown.

Zen and the Art of Cubicle Living

"I worked out of what might be the best-designed office space in America. Here's what it taught me about productivity, concentration, and happiness at work." Read more in the Atlantic.

Some Non-Obvious Advice on Thought Leadership

Read Rand Fishkin's article in Moz.

The Road Not Taken: Why I Pivoted from Hollywood to Silicon Valley

Check out the story of the CEO and Co-Founder of Hotel Tonight, Sam Shank, in LinkedIn.

Thanks, Kevin

The race is on for flying car start ups

Read more in CNN. Thanks, 10Thoughts

Fitbit Data Now Being Used In The Courtroom

Read more in Forbes.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rethink What You “Know” About High-Achieving Women

Hm, seems like these numbers don't add up across both genders:
Nevertheless, like their predecessors, the youngest men have expectations more traditional than those of their female peers. Whereas three-quarters of Millennial women anticipate that their careers will be at least as important as their partners’, half the men in their generation expect that their own careers will take priority. And whereas two-thirds of Millennial men expect that their partners will handle the majority of child care, just under half—42%—of Millennial women expect that they themselves will do so.
Read more in HBR. (Thanks, Melody)

The Road Not Taken: Forget Your 'Plan B' Career. You'll Need a Strong 'Plan D'

Read Sallie Krawcheck's article in LinkedIn.

HBR Daily Stat: Women with MBAs from Elite Schools Are More Likely to Drop Out of the Workforce

"Married mothers who are graduates of elite business schools are 30 percentage points less likely to be employed full-time than mothers who are graduates of less-selective B-schools, according to a study by Joni Hersch of Vanderbilt Law School. The reasons are unclear, but women who hold MBAs from selective schools may have high family incomes, which allow them to take time off from work to raise children. Their lower levels of labor-market participation may have the effect of limiting the number of women reaching high-level corporate positions, because elite workplaces prefer to hire MBAs from elite schools, Hersch says."

Read more in Vanderbilt Law.

Prague's landmark Lennon Wall painted over by anonymous culprits

Read more in Reuters.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Uber Executive Suggests Digging Up Dirt On Journalists

"A big debate among the Pando staff for the past two years has been over just how morally bankrupt Uber is. Earlier this evening, a bombshell story by Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith proves the reality is way worse than anyone on our team could have expected."

Read the remarkable story in PandoDaily.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Executive Women, Finding (and Owning) Their Voice

Four chief executives describe the importance of taking stands, and of making sure they’re heard. One gem:
"Stand up for what you believe have to take a stand. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say: 'This aligns with my values. This aligns with my opinion of who I want to be, and my personal legacy.' A lot of women allow things to happen because they worry that if they take a stand, it's going to derail them. But if you don't take a stand, it is going to derail you personally, because you're not going to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say, 'This is who I am.' I think it impacts your authenticity."
Check out the neat interactive article in the NYT. Thanks, Caryn

The Cult of Busy

Favorite excerpt:
But being busy has become a refrain and rationale for the things we don’t do, an acceptable and even glamorous excuse. My friend at lunch reminded me of what the Buddhist monk Sogyal Rinpoche calls “active laziness” – the filling of our lives with unessential tasks so we feel full of responsibilities or, as he calls them, “irresponsibilites.”
Read Dina Kaplan's piece in Medium.

The gadget that understands city people

Brilliant. See more at Seatylock.

The 7 Emails You Need to Know How to Write

Learning skillz. Read more in Unreasonable.

Thanks, +Ted Gonder 

Quit Your Job

The surprising benefits of taking your 20s to use the labor market as a laboratory, rather than commit to the first company that happens to hire you. Read more in the Atlantic.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Skimm'r of the Week

Check out theSkimm's person of the week:
Amanda Patterson Crowe (Tampa, FL), who is a Navy veteran and comes from a family with a history of Navy and Army service. Now, she’s helping military spouses as Executive Director of In Gear Career. It’s a nonprofit that provides a support system and career development for military spouses who are constantly on the move. Thank you, and Happy Veterans Day.

Can Career-Minded Military Spouses Be Patriots?

Well-written and thoughtful. Resonated with me long after I read it. Read more in NextGen MilSpouse.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

So many good (and practical) relationship examples in here. Read more in the Atlantic.

For a Lasting Marriage, Marry Someone Your Own Age

Even a five-year age difference makes a couple 18 percent more likely to get divorced, compared to a couple born on or around the same year.

Sad. Read more in the Atlantic.

TED Talk Rutger Bregman // Why we should give everyone a basic income

Thanks, Joe

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World

Check out the WIRED article.

Paternity Leave: The Rewards and the Remaining Stigma

Fathers who take weeks off work after having a child are found to have a more involved relationship with their kid for years to come. At the same time, the break from work is likely to have a long-term negative effect on the man's career.

In other words, "men are now facing the same calculus that women have for decades," writes New York Times reporter Claire Cain Miller.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Google's Doodle this morning gave me chills. #25yearslater

Research: How Female CEOs Actually Get to the Top

An excerpt:
Early stints in consulting and banking also hardly seem to be a prerequisite for either gender: about three-quarters of the men and women do not have any reference in their publically available resumes to time spent in either industry, liberally defined, at any time. Prestigious MBA programs are also hardly a requirement; only 25% of the women and 16% of the men hold an MBA from a top-ten school. In short, for both male and female Fortune 500 CEOs, collecting a single conventional badge of prestige, let alone collecting a handful of them, may help, but is hardly a gating factor.
Read more in HBRThanks, Andrea S

#DudesGreetingDudes Is One Guy's Flawless Takedown Of Catcalling

I laughed so hard reading these Tweets. Check out all of them in Buzzfeed.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Welcome Pup 681!

I can't even handle how cute this little fluff ball is. Read her story in Mashable.

Busyness is a choice

Liked this excerpt:
When I ask, “How are you?” that is really what I want to know. 
I am not asking how many items are on your to-do list, nor asking how many items are in your inbox. I want to know how your heart is doing, at this very moment. Tell me. Tell me your heart is joyous, tell me your heart is aching, tell me your heart is sad, tell me your heart craves a human touch. Examine your own heart, explore your soul, and then tell me something about your heart and your soul.
Read more at On BeingThanks, +Sam Solie 

Pretty much adorable

For all the T. Swift fans out there.

Women Are Sharing Photos Of What They Wore When They Were Catcalled

"BuzzFeed News spoke to the woman behind a growing Tumblr page that helps women voice their experiences." Check out more in BuzzFeed.

Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were

"It’s not a pipeline problem. It’s about loneliness, competition and deeply rooted barriers." Read more in the NYT .