Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Have you ever noticed…

… the arrow between the E and the X in the FedEx logo? Very cool subliminal advertising.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Arrives at 12:01 Midnight Tonight!

Courtesy of Wikipedia, reading Harry Potter may save your child a trip to the emergency room:
In 2005, doctors at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford reported that their research of the weekends of Saturday 21 June 2003 and Saturday 16 July 2005 (the dates of the two most recent book releases of the series) found that only 36 children needed emergency medical assistance for injuries sustained in accidents, as opposed to other weekends’ average of 67.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Rise of Kwik-E-Mart

In the past few days, 7-Eleven turned nearly a dozen stores into Kwik-E-Marts, hyping the July 27 opening of the Simpsons Movie. 7-Elevens across the country will now serve Buzz Cola, KrustyO's cereal and Squishees, the slushy drink imitation of Slurpees, items once found only in the Simpsons TV show.

7-Elevens will even hold a contest to let one lucky fan be drawn into a future Simpsons episode. Even though many fictitious Simpsons items will now reach the hands of real-life consumers, one controversial item will remain Springfield. Homer Simpson's favorite beer, Duff Beer, will not hit 7-Elevens this summer. The executives at 7-Eleven decided that it "didn't seem to fit" with the PG-13 movie. For image gallery, click here. To read full article, click here.

Wish Facebook combined with Monster.com? Check Out Doostang.com

If you've ever wished you could stay connected with your friends while searching for your next dream job, you are not alone. Doostang.com is a free, invitation-only social/job networking site. Kanyi Maqubela, an undergrad at Stanford and member of the Doostang team, describes the site:
Doostang is an online career community founded at Stanford and MIT by friends who wanted a way to connect with their friends and share high caliber jobs and career information with each other. It has grown to over 165,000 users in the undergraduate, graduate, and young professional communities across the country.

Enjuba.com: The rise of fashionable and socially responsible young entrepreneurs

If you want to feel great in your clothes, you need to check out Enjuba.com.

Enjuba (which translates to “rising sun” in Luganda) sells fashionable handcrafted clothing and accessories made in Uganda.

Vanderbilt University juniors Henry Manice and Wil Keenan founded Enjuba in the spring of 2006 to help create a company that would provide Ugandan artists with a sustainable income and encourages personal saving among the artisans. Henry Manice describes the micro-investment aspect of the company:

For example, one of our artisans needed a new sewing machine, so we lent him money that can be easily be paid back over time by taking a percentage off what we would ordinarily pay him for his products. We set up savings accounts for them too. They put a percentage of their net earnings into the account, and we add additional money in the account each time one of their products sells in the US (basically gives them greater incentive to produce high quality products and it gives them a stake in the company).

Enjuba is a two part company. The first part is a for-profit company that sells the handmade clothing and accessories. The other side of the company is a non-profit 501(c)3. This side focuses on providing Ugandans with a social entrepreneurship class/curriculum in a school that Henry and Wil run in Uganda. Henry describes his goals for the company:

Our goal is to have graduates of the class have mindsets that support the creation of profit-making ventures which have positive social impact as the goal, not just a policy to doll up the company and make it look good to the public on a surface level. So, we use our profits to fund the non-profit arm. [The ultimate goal] is to have a self-sustaining venture.

Enjuba.com is a sterling example that you are never too young to make a change in the work. I can’t wait to wear my new Enjuba gear. Check out their website for more information (you can even talk with the Ugandan artists!).

Friday, July 6, 2007

Confusing Website Names

"Intercapping is often used to clarify a domain name. However, DNS is case-insensitive, and some names may be misinterpreted when converted to lowercase. For example: Who Represents, a database of artists and agents, chose whorepresents.com; a therapists' network thought therapistfinder.com looked good; and another website operating as of October 2006, is penisland.net a website for Pen Island, a site that claims to be an online pen vendor, but exists primarily as a joke, as it has no products for sale. In such situations, the proper wording can be clarified by use of hyphens. For instance, Experts Exchange, the programmers' site, for a long time used expertsexchange.com, but ultimately changed the name to experts-exchange.com." -- Wikipedia

And the award for most contagious laugh goes to... (Very Cute/Goofy)

4-Year Old Calls 911 Nearly 300 Times

A great article from USA Today:

Today's tip: Cellphones aren't toys. Even deactivated ones can be used to make emergency calls.

That's what happened in Illinois, where officials say a 4-year-old girl called emergency dispatchers 287 times -- about 15-20 times a shift -- from a deactivated phone that couldn't be traced. The dispatchers only figured out the caller's identity by offering to send McDonald's if she gave them her address.

Police went to the little girl's house, where the local paper says they found a content child and a bewildered mother.

This is so wrong... and yet I've watched it over and over.

Check out this video about a squirrel. Courtesy of my mom.

What You Know About Math?

Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were

"It’s not a pipeline problem. It’s about loneliness, competition and deeply rooted barriers." Read more in the NYT .