Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

I have thought about this for YEARS! So happy that someone else had the same questions and had the drive to create a YouTube video to attempt to answer the question.

Thanks, +Rick Davis 

Anthony Bourdain's 10-Minute Ritual Will Change The Way You Work

Check out Bourdain's ritual in Business Insider.

Reminds me of one of the five emails to make your life better. (Thanks, +Megan Gardner)

HBR Daily Stat: Do Men in Traditional Marriages Block Women’s Advancement?

In a study of male managers from U.S. accounting firms, those whose wives weren’t employed tended to evaluate female employees more negatively than did men whose wives held jobs: Responding to an online simulation in which they were asked to rate fictional candidates, men in traditional marriages rated women 2 points lower on a 4-point recommendation scale than did men whose wives were employed, says a team led by Sreedhari D. Desai of the University of North Carolina. There was no such discrepancy for male candidates.

Read more in HBR.

TED Talk // Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and Goliath

Thanks, +Jason Begleiter 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

High Price: Drugs, Neuroscience, and Discovering Myself by Carl Hart – review

Carl Hart argues persuasively that drug abuse is a symptom of a sick society rather than the cause. Read more in the Guardian.

Thanks, +Alessia Bhargava 

Why Venture Capital is So Much More Compelling Now

An excerpt, I've definitely said the phrases from the first paragraph more than once:
It’s not hard to find people willing to write the narrative that “venture capital is not an asset class” or “venture capital has performed terribly.” 
The most recent was 18 months ago or so called The Kauffman Report. It had an influence on the people who fund our industry in a negative way as many asset managers who fund our industry read this flawed report. That’s a shame because many of these people missed out on what will be a few great VC vintages...
Read more in Both Sides of the Table.

Thanks, +Connor McCarthy 

Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions

Protests over secret study involving 689,000 users in which friends' postings were moved to influence moods Read more in the Guardian.

Fascinating ethical dilemma. What do you think should happen?

Your Life in Weeks

Read more in Wait But Why.

Thanks, +Collin Walter 

Google, Tell Me. Is My Son a Genius?

An excerpt:
MORE than a decade into the 21st century, we would like to think that American parents have similar standards and similar dreams for their sons and daughters. But my study of anonymous, aggregate data from Google searches suggests that contemporary American parents are far more likely to want their boys smart and their girls skinny.
Read more in the NYT.

Thanks, +Stephanie Gaufin 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Japan Fans Did What No Other Soccer Fans Would After Their World Cup Team Lost

"The news: When American fans win a major sporting event, they often like to celebrate by turning over cars and burning everything in sight. When Japanese teams lose, it turns out that fans commiserate by cleaning the stadium."

Read more in PolicyMic and check out the photos.

Ad of the Day: In Sequel to Viral Smash, Pantene Urges Women to Stop Apologizing

Hits a little too close to home! Read more in Ad Week.

Thanks, +Jamie Wilkie 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Masters of Love

Science says lasting relationships come down to—you guessed it—kindness and generosity. The article references that (sadly!) only 3 in 10 of all the people who get married, remain in healthy, happy marriages.

The researchers wanted to know: was each unhappy family unhappy in its own way, as Tolstoy claimed, or did the miserable marriages all share something toxic in common?

The answers he finds are actionable - and make a lot of sense. One of my favorite things I've read this week. Read more in the AtlanticThanks, +Alessia Bhargava 

Why We Sleep Together

A long time ago, beds were expensive—but there's more to it than that. Read more in the Atlantic.

Thanks, +Brandon Kearse

Huge Number Of Americans Do Not Want Atheist In-Laws, Pew Survey

Read more in HuffPo. (Thanks, Tom)

50 Of The Most Important Dog GIFs Of All Time

"These are the dogs who have made us laugh, made us cry, and made us question the sanity of our canine friends." I can't stop laughing with some of these. Seem them all at BuzzFeed.

Thanks, +J.J. Raynor 

Friday, June 13, 2014

More Office Workers Switching To Fetal Position Desks

More Office Workers Switching To Fetal Position Desks
Thanks, +Julia Chou 

TED Talk // Rory Sutherland - Life lessons from an ad man

Thanks, +Rick Davis

TED Talk // Rory Sutherland - Perspective is Everything

Thanks, +Rick Davis 

HBR Daily Stat: Being Treated as Invisible is More Harmful than Harassment

Although surveys show that people consider it more psychologically harmful to be harassed than ignored, workplace ostracism turns out to have a bigger impact than harassment, doing greater harm to employees’ well-being and causing greater job turnover, says a team led by Jane O’Reilly of the University of Ottawa. Ostracism is also more common: Of more than 1,000 university staff members, 91% reported such experiences as being ignored, avoided, shut out of conversations, or treated as invisible over the past year, whereas 45% reported being harassed, such as by being teased, belittled, or embarrassed.

Read more in HBR.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So you think you know the second amendment?

Best excerpt:
The courts had found that the first part, the “militia clause,” trumped the second part, the “bear arms” clause. In other words, according to the Supreme Court, and the lower courts as well, the amendment conferred on state militias a right to bear arms—but did not give individuals a right to own or carry a weapon.
Read the short article in the New Yorker.

Thanks, +Zuhair Khan

Guys, Your Smartphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

A new study shows that guys keeping smart phones in their pockets might lower sperm count and contribute to infertility. Phones emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which could affect sperm count. This study analyzed 10 previous studies and showed that having your phone close-by can lower fertility by 9%.

Read more in TIME Magazine. (Wow...)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook

Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 74 school shootings in America. How many more before our leaders pass common-sense laws to prevent gun violence and save lives?





School Name

School Type

1.1/08/2013Fort MyersFLApostolic Revival Center Christian SchoolK-12
2.1/10/2013TaftCATaft Union High SchoolK-12
3.1/15/2013St. LouisMOStevens Institute of Business & ArtsCollege/University
4.1/15/2013HazardKYHazard Community and Technical CollegeCollege/University
5.1/16/2013ChicagoILChicago State UniversityCollege/University
HoustonTXLone Star College North Harris CampusCollege/University
7.1/31/2013AtlantaGAPrice Middle SchoolK-12
8.2/1/2013AtlantaGAMorehouse CollegeCollege/University
9.2/7/2013Fort PierceFLIndian River St. CollegeCollege/University
10.2/13/2013San LeandroCAHillside Elementary SchoolK-12
11.2/27/2013AtlantaGAHenry W. Grady HSK-12
12.3/18/2013OrlandoFLUniversity of Central FloridaCollege/University
13.3/21/2013SouthgateMIDavidson Middle SchoolK-12
14.4/12/2013ChristianburgVANew River Community CollegeCollege/University
15.4/13/2013Elizabeth CityNCElizabeth City State UniversityCollege/University
16.4/15/2013GramblingLAGrambling State UniversityCollege/University
17.4/16/2013TuscaloosaALStillman CollegeCollege/University
18.4/29/2013CincinnatiOHLa Salle High SchoolK-12
19.6/7/2013Santa MonicaCASanta Monica CollegeCollege/University
20.6/19/2013W. Palm BeachFLAlexander W. Dreyfoos School of the ArtsK-12
21.8/15/2013ClarksvilleTNNorthwest High SchoolK-12
22.8/20/2013DecaturGARonald E. McNair Discovery Learning AcademyK-12
23.8/22/2013MemphisTNWestside Elementary SchoolK-12
24.8/23/2013SardisMSNorth Panola High SchoolK-12
25.8/30/2013Winston-SalemNCCarver High SchoolK-12
26.9/21/2013SavannahGASavannah State UniversityCollege/University
27.9/28/2013GrayMENew Gloucester High SchoolK-12
28.10/4/2013Pine HillsFLAgape Christian AcademyK-12
29.10/15/2013AustinTXLanier High SchoolK-12
30.10/21/2013SparksNVSparks Middle SchoolK-12
31.11/1/2013AlgonaIAAlgona High/Middle SchoolK-12
32.11/2/2013GreensboroNCNorth Carolina A&T State UniversityCollege/University
33.11/3/2013Stone MountainGAStephenson High SchoolK-12
34.11/21/2013Rapid CitySDSouth Dakota School of Mines & TechnologyCollege/University
35.12/4/2013Winter GardenFLWest Orange High SchoolK-12
36.12/13/2013Arapahoe CountyCOArapahoe High SchoolK-12
37.12/19/2013FresnoCAEdison High SchoolK-12
38.1/9/2014JacksonTNLiberty Technology Magnet HSK-12
39.1/14/2014RoswellNMBerrendo Middle SchoolK-12
40.1/15/2014LancasterPAMartin Luther King Jr. ESK-12
41.1/17/2014PhiladelphiaPADelaware Valley Charter HSK-12
42.1/20/2014ChesterPAWidener UniversityCollege/University
43.1/21/2014West LafayetteINPurdue UniversityCollege/University
44.1/24/2014OrangeburgSCSouth Carolina State UniversityCollege/University
45.1/28/2014NashvilleTNTennessee State UniversityCollege/University
46.1/28/2014GramblingLAGrambling State UniversityCollege/University
47.1/30/2014Palm BayFLEastern Florida State CollegeCollege/University
48.1/31/2014PhoenixAZCesar Chavez High SchoolK-12
49.1/31/2014Des MoinesIANorth High SchoolK-12
50.2/7/2014BendORBend High SchoolK-12
51.2/10/2014SalisburyNCSalisbury High SchoolK-12
52.2/11/2014LyndhurstOHBrush High SchoolK-12
53.2/12/2014JacksonTNUnion UniversityCollege/University
54.2/20/2014RaytownMORaytown Success AcademyK-12
55.3/2/2014WestminsterMDMcDaniel CollegeCollege/University
56.3/7/2014TallulahLAMadison High SchoolK-12
57.3/8/2014OshkoshWIUniversity of Wisconsin – OshkoshCollege/University
58.3/21/2014NewarkDEUniversity of DelawareCollege/University
59.3/30/2014SavannahGASavannah State UniversityCollege/University
60.4/3/2014KentOHKent State UniversityCollege/University
61.4/7/2014RoswellNMEastern New Mexico University-RoswellCollege/University
62.4/11/2014DetroitMIEast English Village Preparatory AcademyK-12
63.4/21/2014GriffithINSt. Mary Catholic SchoolK-12
64.4/21/2014ProvoUTProvo High SchoolK-12
65.4/26/2014Council BluffsIAIowa Western Community CollegeCollege/University
66.5/2/2014MilwaukeeWIMarquette UniversityCollege/University
67.5/3/2014EverettWAHorizon Elementary SchoolK-12
68.5/4/2014AugustaGAPaine CollegeCollege/University
69.5/5/2014AugustaGAPaine CollegeCollege/University
70.5/8/2014GeorgetownKYGeorgetown CollegeCollege/University
71.5/8/2014LawrencevilleGAGeorgia Gwinnett CollegeCollege/University
72.5/21/2014MilwaukeeWIClark Street SchoolK-12
73.6/5/2014SeattleWASeattle Pacific UniversityCollege/University
74.6/10/2014TroutdaleORReynolds High SchoolK-12

See more details about the list in EveryTown

Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were

"It’s not a pipeline problem. It’s about loneliness, competition and deeply rooted barriers." Read more in the NYT .